In times of ever-advancing globalization and the continuous change of social and economic structures, internationally operating companies must always face new challenges in the various national markets.

An investment is only successful if it integrates the conditions of the respective local market. Globally applicable products or services hardly exist; in any case, there are no project concepts that can be realized as a worldwide 08/15 slogan.

Perfect Timing Holding, therefore, began early on to form an in-house core team of consultants from various disciplines, which, together with the national consultants worldwide, accompanies every investment of the holding company. As part of the due diligence, our consultants coordinate the potential feasibility of the planned investment from the company’s point of view with the specialists of the respective business field and national representatives on existing cultural, political, geopolitical weather conditions, legal or economic peculiarities of the local market. The decision to operate in a market is the compatibility of one’s own product or service with the actual placeability on the target market.

Through decades of its own experience as an investor, Perfect Timing Holding has developed an extraordinary expertise in consulting for culturally integrative investments, for which the extraordinary international network offers a perfect basis.

Perfect Timing Holding offers consulting as a business model for external companies with its experts, companies, shareholders, investors, project partners, cooperation partners, subcontractors, and suppliers primarily to corporations, states, municipalities, athletes, clubs, associations, and also for young talents with ideas that are internationally deductible, which after great successes on their own market also internationally  would like to expand or even take the step into a new market segment and would like to use the support and advice of an experienced team for the following areas:

  • Investment
  • Finance
  • Legal Advice
  • Tax
  • IT
  • Art
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Real estate
  • Mining
  • Lobbying
  • Construction
  • Media
  • Shipping
  • Healthcare

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