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With more than 50 internationally successful lawyers, bankers, journalists, lobbyists and internationally recognized cooperation partners in more than 20 countries, the Perfect Timing Legal Advice International – PTLA International – is an international legal consulting firm that looks after local, national and international clients.

PTLA International was first founded in the 1970s by the Perfect Timing Holding as the legal department of the PTH to advise, support and represent the legal affairs of the PTH departments and the clients of the Perfect Timing Consulting department.

The PTLA International became after the international success and the steadily growing
Perfect Timing Holding legal staff born in 2008. In the same year, PTLA started to use its successful legal advice services for external legal entities, companies, institutes and governments.

The lawyers, bankers, journalists, lobbyists and the cooperation partner of PTLA have made it their task to offer our clients a healthy and professional service in the field of international legal advice. The internationally successful experts offer our clients smooth, timely and professional services in relation to local, national and international legal advice.

Lawyers, bankers, journalists, lobbyists and cooperation partners of PTLA International, who provide these services for our customers, use the latest infrastructure systems and the latest technical equipment, as required by modern legal advice.

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