“Shipping is our tradition”

The “Shipping” segment of Perfect Timing Holding is carried under the slogan “Connected to tradition and committed to the future” by the competent bodies, companies, shareholders, investors, project partners, cooperation partners, subcontractors, and suppliers in the areas of transport, trade and offshore services and international project planning of industrial and maritime projects.

Our expertise lies in the full range of services such as

  • PSP (Project Service Provider)
  • TSP (Technical Service Provider)

with which we cover the entire range of market requirements arising from the maritime economy combined with the increasingly intensive interlinking of the capital goods and consumer goods industries, both between the industrialized countries and the so-called emerging countries surrender.

The stable internal structure of the company makes flexibility and strategy possible.

Our entrepreneurial thinking means assuming economic responsibility nationally and internationally.

In addition to making a profit and creating jobs, our priority is to support developing and emerging countries in building and integrating a competitive economy and education. This also means the transfer of know-how through our projects in all areas for mutual benefit.

    Vice President         Head of Shipping Department

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