IN 1972, Perfect Timing Holding began to invest in technology companies through the Huseby family.

Given the role played by Technologies, especially in the information and communication technologies in our modern society, Perfect Timing Holding – PTH – has made numerous investments in international technology companies.

IN 2008, PTH decided to play an active role in Future Technology, Established a subsidiary in Germany, and started to invest in several European Technology companies and acquired some of them.

In all the areas PTH invests in, the main goal has been studying emerging problems of wide international significance and providing adequate solutions.

From 2021, PTH has expanded into future and safety technology in hardware and software such as AI, machine learning, etc.

In these areas, PTH intends to go into autonomous and connected electric vehicles, distributed energy grids, smart agriculture, and food systems, next-generation weather and climate prediction, smart disaster response, AI-designed intelligent, connected and livable cities, transparent digital earth, and reinforcement learning for Earth sciences breakthroughs all to provide a better life, and a better world.

Right now, PTH’s technology companies are successfully active in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in addition to investing in several other technology companies since 2008.

PTH Information Technology

Head of IT Department

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