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Message from the President

“The success of every action begins in the head.”

This motto, which has accompanied me in my life as an athlete and businessman for decades, has several essential meanings.

Success and goal achievement requires permanent focus, strong motivation, and extreme dedication. Absolutely necessary for this are:

  • an intensive analysis of the initial situation;
  • prudent and sound planning;
  • a consistent implementation with a strict orientation to the specifications;
  • flexible approach

with absolute control of the specific situation.

The area of corporate management includes in particular; the responsible use of existing resources. In connection with this, all thoughts and positions require constant reflection, considering the preservation of the basic principles, accompanied by an alternative learning process of lifelong education and training. Today, in a globalized world, this is not just a question of will, ability or even permission for many people. This applies to all regions of the world.

The company Perfect Timing Holding (continuously called PTH) internalizes the fundamental elements of today’s zeitgeist in compliance with these criteria.

When analyzing the current situation, the following must be taken into account:

The majority of the problems of our modern and global society and the reason for the growing number of social conflicts is primarily due to lack of education, knowledge of cultural peculiarities, and the resulting passivity of broad social strata for integration. As a result, socio-political conflicts arise with sometimes dire consequences.

In many cases, this often leads to aggressive arguments, because people do not see any other possibilities due to frustrations about the lack of opportunities and future prospects.

For my company and I,

  • Education for integration” and
  • Understanding other cultures through learning are the top priorities.


We understand this as a modern, dynamic and holistic concept of education for the lifelong development process of every human being. For us, the focus is on expanding intellectual, cultural, and practical life skills as well as personal and social skills.

The aim of the PTH is primarily to create the best education for the largest possible circle of people regardless of origin, skin color, gender, and denomination.

Of course, big ideas also require great efforts to make big changes. The team of Perfect Timing Holding is equipped with experts from the education sector, business, banking, legal and tax consulting, real estate, architecture, construction, furniture production, art, sports lobbying, and  Media competently positioned. In connection with this, a necessary prerequisite is mental and physical fitness, which is accompanied by our concepts in the areas of F&B and various sporting topics. In addition, we rely on the unity of nature and man in the development of real estate projects, hotels, and resorts.


Sakir Yavuz


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