Perfect Timing Holding History
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Family Company HUSEBY

As an immigrant from Northern Europe, Henry Huseby opened a business for trading in antiques in Chicago in 1880 and quickly established himself in this new business area at that time. His son W.R. Huseby was integrated into the family business early on and shared his father’s passion for trading valuable art treasures from the past. He continued his father’s business and expanded it solidly and carefully. In 1954, W.R. Huseby finally founded the “Marcus Aurelius Art Collection”, in which he summarized the family’s most valuable antiques.

The next generation of the family also started out with art and antiques. W.R. Huseby’s son Mark Huseby was involved in his business activities in the 1960s. The latter diversified its business activities and established its first investments from its new business location in Las Vegas – Nevada. As part of this expansion, the portfolio in the areas of media, industry and hotel industry was specifically and successfully expanded.

In 1975 Mark Huseby formally took over the management from his father W.R. Huseby and pursued the company’s expansion into Europe and Asia. Mark Huseby benefited from his talent to identify business opportunities early on and develop successful investments from them. In Las Vegas in the 1980s and 90s, he was very successful with a number of other well-known entrepreneurs in various industries:

Consulting in the area of ​​casinos and the hotel industry for and with Tony Marnell, Steve Wynn, Sam Boyd, Jackie Gaughan, Kirk Kerkorian, Barron Hilton

Real estate and construction projects with Robert Maheu, the general representative of Howard Hughes, as well as the architect Frank Lloyd Whright or hotelier Barron Hilton

Investments and participations with Kirk Kerkorian among others

Trade in raw materials, logistics and shipping.

Of course, he did not neglect the traditional core business of his family and also expanded his art and jewelry collection considerably over the years with the support of high-ranking contacts in the art market such as Astrid Ekman through acquisitions from renowned collectors such as Harry Winston or William Wrigley III or his personal contact to Andy Warhol.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Mark Huseby had also firmly established himself in the network of the media, show and entertainment world in Las Vegas. Friendships and business contacts still connect him with big names in showbiz like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis Presley, Joe and Michael Jackson, as well as Tony Curtis and Tony Bennett.

After the death of W.R. Huseby in June 1999, Mark Huseby was President of the group until 2006.

1880 Company Founder
Henry Huseby, Chicago 1890
1954 - 1975 1st PTH President
W.R. Huseby, Chicago 1935
1975 - 2006 2nd PTH President
Mark Huseby, Berlin 2011

Family Company YAVUZ

The establishment and rise of the family business are closely linked to the history of the country. In 1925, two years after the founding of the Turkish Republic, Huseyin Yavuz, at the age of just 15, began to work in the Erzurum region as part of the campaign of the new emerging republic to help build the country. The construction company he founded first built bridges and mosques and later turnkey apartments, houses, and hotels.

His three sons Nurettin, Mehmet, and Alaattin joined the family company at a young age. After a while, the Yavuz company established itself very successfully in the construction industry. The middle son of the company’s founder, Mehmet Yavuz, had been instrumental in the nationwide expansion of the family business since 1950.

His position essentially included:

Further development of the company on a national scale, taking into account the redesign of Turkey. With his team of young, respected specialists, he erected, among other things, important government buildings and social buildings. In 1968 Mehmet Yavuz decided to expand to Germany. Here he continued his work successfully, mainly establishing himself with his company in the construction sector in the federal state of Baden Württemberg until 1972. Then Mehmet relocated its construction activities to the federal state of Schleswig Holstein. There he specialized in the renovation of historic buildings. In connection with this, the family company became one of the leading companies in Germany for the restoration of historic buildings such as churches, townhouses, residences, and castles based on original models.

In 1996, Mehmet’s eldest son, Şakir Yavuz, took over the management of the family business and continued to do business successfully.

At the same time, Şakir Yavuz opened other business areas, especially in the areas of sports management, media management, investment, consulting, and art trading. As a result, he created a worldwide network in these and other areas.

Hüseyin Yavuz, Horasan 1950
Mehmet Yavuz, Istanbul 1959

Fusion 2000

As part of the merger of the two family companies HUSEBY and YAVUZ, Perfect Timing Holding became an American-German-Turkish group of companies.

Sakir Yavuz, Perfect Timing Holding
Şakir Yavuz - PTH President, Istanbul 2011

In 2007 Şakir Yavuz took over the management of Perfect Timing Holding as 3rd PTH President and carried out a restructuring of the business areas:

Perfect Timing Holding got new headquarters in Europe
Takeover of the Perfect Timing media group
Integration of the “Marcus Aurelius Art Collection”
Integration of the “SayArtsCollection”

Since 2008 there has been continuous investment in additional business areas such as energy management, consulting, media, education and shipping, thereby successfully expanding the group’s platform. Thanks to a close-knit and efficient international network, developments could be recognized and analyzed early, efficiently and successfully worldwide, so that they could be integrated into the planning and implementation of projects at short notice. The Shareholders of Perfect Timing Holding jointly aim to operate a solid and sustainable core business, but also to always be open to new developments.

Through targeted investments and acquisitions at companies with a secure position on the world market, important players for entering the target markets of Perfect Timing Holding could be acquired. These markets were looked after as part of an in-house consulting by the team of experts from the fields of business, law, architecture, construction, furniture manufacturing, art, finance, media, fashion, shopping malls, shipping and technology.

Sakir Yavuz, Perfect Timing Holding
Şakir Yavuz - Mark Huseby
President ,Vice President
Las Vegas 2000
Sakir Yavuz, Perfect Timing Holding
Mark Huseby - Şakir Yavuz
Vice President President
Istanbul 2018
Sakir Yavuz, Perfect Timing Holding
Şakir Yavuz - Mark Huseby
President Vice President
Bali 2019